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On December 30, 2017, Saturday, the history was set at third state-level scout-guide Jamburi camp in Somni, Rajnandgaon Chhattisgarh. More than 24 thousand scouts-guides children made their name in the Golden Book of World Records by performing Karma Folk Dance based on the culture of Chhattisgarh. Scouts and guide children from Chhattisgarh and Nepal, Bhutan and also from other states performed brilliantly. Along with this, children also took the oath of keeping cleanliness around them.

Dr. Manish Bishnoi, the Asia's Head of the Golden Book of World Records, gave certificates and said that so many children simultaneously performed such things which are difficult to think about. Member of the Parliament, MP Abhishek Singh and former MP Saroj Pandey also perform Karma Nacha with children.

Children from Nepal, Bhutan and other regions also learned the Karma dance and performed in Jamburi Camp 

In the Jamburi camp, the children learned to dance karma first. After this, 24000 children on Saturday gave an attractive presentation of Karma dance in a rhythm. MP Abhishek Singh said that Karma dance gets a glimpse of our cultural prosperity. Former MP Dr. Saroj Pandey said that today thousands of children are seen gathering for Karma dance. On this occasion, these children also took the oath of sanitation. The children took oath that they would always follow the rules of hygiene. Keep your surroundings clean. On Sunday, ten thousand children of the scouts will leave for the cleaning campaign in Rajnandgaon.

After ten minutes of superb presentation, Dr. Manish Vishnoi, Asia Head of the Golden Book of the World Record, did the judging, but before the announcement, all the beatings were increased. Dr. Vishnoi said that the criteria of Golden Book is difficult. There are many things to look at in any performance. But in all the parameters, the children performed amazing. It is difficult to present together in a rhythm.
Preparing for a month

The preparation for the World Record in Karma Dancing was going on a month earlier. Choreographer Sunil Tiwari has taught dance steps to all the children.

The children in the traditional costumes

All the children were dressed in traditional costumes for the Karma Dance World Records. Traditional jewelry was prepared by all the children in the camp.

Record of 4 thousand people in Mandla

Earlier, 4 thousand people in Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh filed their names together in the name of the Golden Book of World Records.

Apart from this, 24 thousand students of Scouts and Guides have made a world record (hand shake) together with the left hand hand.

The officials of the World Records were given a certificate by recording both records in the presence of them. Gaujendra Yadav, commissioner of Scout and Guide Chhattisgarh, says that with the help of left hand, heart gets hearted. There is also the heart of the body on the left side, so there is a left hand hand rule through the scout and guide.

A day after the practice of dancing in the camp, after the death of Pratei Gupta's heart attack from schoolgirl Bhilai Vaishali Nagar, the health department upgraded the system the next day. Increase the number of staff too. Apart from this, the system of blood tests, malaria and other investigations also deteriorated. With increasing arrangements, the number of patients in the temporary 30-bed hospital also increased.

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