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The name of Sua dance (Sua Nacha - A  traditional folk dance of Chhattisgarh) has been recorded on Sunday in the Golden Book of World Records in Durg District. On Sunday, October 29, around 15 thousand women together formed the world record by Sua dancing for 10 minutes to keep the tradition of Chhattisgarh culture. In Ravi Shankar Stadium, Durg from 4:40 pm to 4:50 pm, women from all over the districts of the Chhattisgarh danced with traditional costume.

Asia Golden Book of World Records also handed the certificate of the World Record, describing it as historical. In the program organized at Ravi Shankar Stadium in Durg, the head of state Dr. Raman Singh and several BJP ministers joined. The program was organized by BJP's National General Secretary Saroj Pandey. The Chief Minister announced the renovation of the Ravishankar Stadium on this occasion.

The testimony of this record will be about 20 thousand people present here. After 11 minutes of performance and 2 minutes "Aasis" (Bless) Asia Manor of Asia Gold Book of World Records, Dr. Manish Vishoni officially announced the achievement entry in the Golden Book of World Records. Mr. Vishnoi also gave the certificate to the Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and the convenor of Goda Forum and National General Secretary of BJP Saroj Pandey.

Dr. Raman Singh said in his address that this is a new effort of the citizens of the fort, who is performing world records to protect the old culture of Chhattisgarh and entering the golden book of records. Chhattisgarh has established a new identity in the world. 

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