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Chher-Chhera is a tribal festival of Chhatisgarh related to harvesting. This festival is celebrated in Purnima of Paush Mass ( Full moon of December or January month ), when paddy crops are almost harvested. It is also know as Chher-Chhera Punni. This is celebrated all over the state by visiting house to house for sharing their corp to contribute the needy and gain blessings. It is well known fact that if you want to earn more you have to help other needy.

The lesson behind this festival is,
Life is to enjoy with others whatever we have and give as much as we can, instead of keeping anything for future.
History of This Festival

It is believed that there is no shortage of grains in the house by donating this day. The story of the beginning of this festival is interesting. It is said that the king Kalyan Sai of the state was went for 8 year to took education of politics and warfare. After taking education, when he came to Ratanpur. As soon as the news comes, people go towards the palace, with a bullock cart.
The king of Chhattisgarh also reached Ratanpur for the reception. After eight years they seen their king, peaple are happy. Everyone was dancing on the folk songs and music. In the absence of the king, his wife queen Phulkaina took over the kingdom for eight years. They robbed gold and silver coins in the people with both hands. After this, King Kalyan Sai instructed that today's day will always be celebrated as a festival and on this day no person will be left empty handed.

There is another story behind this festival that there was a sudden famine on earth. Grain, fruits, flowers and pesticides have not yielded. By this tragedy everywhere. All the people and animal were thrilled with hunger. Then Shakambhari goddess was called. Shakambhari Goddess appeared and gave food, fruit, flowers and a stock of medicine. With this, the hunger and pain of the people was dispelled. This is said to be Chher-Chhera is celebrated in the memory. In Paush month, farmer's storeroom (kodhi) is full of paddy corp. In the fields, mustard, gram, wheat crop is fluttering.

Suppliant is a Brahmin and Granter is Goddess

According to Punau Ram Sahu, a well known and folk artist of Chhattisgarhi culture, explains that if the seeker asking in the day of Chher-Chhera is in the form of a Brahmin, then the women giving them are in the form of Shakambari Devi. The word Chher-Chhera means, six + Ary (enemy). There are six enemies of man i.e. anger, attraction, greed, craving and ego. When the children say that Chher Chhera Kothi ke Dhan La Her Herra, then it means that O Makaranin (Goddess) we have come to your door. Relieve our sadness and poverty by giving paddy from your storage. That is why women give vegetables and fruits with paddy and kodo. No woman will let any suppliant go empty-handed this day. They definitely donate paddy or money according to capacity. In villages they play "Danda Nacha" (A dance form) and "Madai" at evening.

Tribal People Sing This Folk Songs

छेर छेरा कोठी के धान ला हेर हेरा !!! (Chher Chhera Kothi ke Dhan La Her Herra)

छेर छेरा के शुभ अवशर म मोर तरफ से गाणा गाणा बधाई हो !!! (Chher- Chhera ke shubh avsar ma mor taraf le gadha gadha badhai ho..!!!)

द्वार – द्वार म डालबो डेरा गांव- गली के करबो फेरा (Dwar-Dwar ma dalbo dera gaon gali ke karbo fera)
कंधा म झोला लटकाबो अऊ जोर से कईबो…(Kandha ma jhola latkabo au jor se kaibo...)
छेर-छेरा…. कोठी के धान ला हेर हेरा.... (Chher Chhera Kothi ke Dhan La Her Herra)

अरन बरन कोदो करन, जभे देबे तभे टरन, (Aran baran kodo karan, jabhe debe taran)
छेरिक छेरा माई कोठी के धान ल हेरिक हेरा।(Chherik Chhera mai kothi ke dhan laa herik hera)

छेर छेरा तिहार के जम्मो छत्तीसगढ़िया संगवारी मन ल “कोठी कोठी “बधाई। (Chher Chhera tihar ke jammo chhattisgariya sangwari man la 'kothi kothi' badhayi)

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