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Gowardhan Puja or Annakoot is celebrated after Diwali Puja in Chhattisgarh. This festival is very important festival in villages where villagers worshiped their cow and Cowherd (Rout) community Yaduvanshis who some say are descendants of Lord Krishna, show very colorful dance form called Raut Nacha. This dance form carries with itself a sacred mythological and religious undertone revered from generations.

During the end of auspicious Diwali festival, when the Gods are believed to be awakening, Raut perform this sacred dance to worship the Lord of cowherds Shree Krishna. The dance mimics Lord Krishna’s dance or Rasa-lila with Gopis (milkmaids) and is considered a devotional performance.

Dohe usually accompany the Raut dance describing the tribal lifestyle. The tribal philosophy and their ideals are reflected in the music and songs which are mesmerizing and otherworldly to the spectator. There are seasonal songs adding to the diversity of music. The musical instruments dominant in the cultural displays are Mandars, Dhols and Drums. The highly imaginative and skillful dance drama Raut Nacha is a popular form of entertainment for the seven days of Diwali festival. The enactment sincerely portrays the mythical stories in the form of battle, dance, and music. Dohes of poet Kabir and Tulsi fills the air with the flavor of ancient times coming alive in the middle of the prehistoric tribal communities of Chhattisgarh.

The dance is very akin to the dance of Lord Krishna with Gopis. Dancers wear bright and colorful dresses and dance at the beat of music and songs sung by other group members. The dance is usually performed in groups. Dancers equip themselves with sticks and metal shields and with bells tied to their waist and ankles as they enact the ancient battles honoring the valiant warriors and the eternal triumph of good over evil. The dance represents the mythological battle between evil king Kansa and Lord Krishna who lead the Yaduvanshis to the battle with Kansa. Yaduvanshis celebrate their victory in the form of mock duel. At evening Matar Madai organized in many villages.

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